in between rain drops

IMG_2654xSo elegant and chic as she walked around in sportsgirl. Beautiful.
IMG_2658x IMG_2663xShe looks much more beautiful than in the picture. She was very patient when I couldn’t get the focus right. Love her vintage style.
IMG_2665x I saw her walking by and summoned my courage to catch her. success 🙂 IMG_2668xHe is just too cool. Asking strangers to be photographed is harder than jumping off a cliff.

early october


Lovely girls of the 1920s from the QT Hotel. Thanks!

Sportsgirl fan 🙂 Thanks for stopping and sorry about the blurry photo. You have great style! Midcity Pitt St, Sydney

Hairstylist Hiroki from Aria Japanese Hair Salon. I’m possessed by the new hair 🙂

My beautiful friend Jie.