vintage outing with rita

IMG_2698xIMG_2706xRita is happy with her new shoes 🙂 Always a pleasant experience to find the overall outfit in one place. IMG_2693xI couldn’t overcome my shyness but captured this awesome phone booth handbag!
IMG_2686xWish I were this graceful and serene with time…

IMG_2712xThe vintage escapade is over. Rita off to work in her kangaroo jumper.

newtown self outing

IMG_2742x I took a photo from behind her and finally asked her if she could pose for me. She is from Boston and so super ultra friendly and cool! All the best with your new life in Sydney! IMG_2758xAs I walked down Kings street I saw this lady with her vintage clothing on display. She is going on an adventure to the organic farms and then might soon be off to Europe. I bought a pair of black velvet heels from her. She is wearing handmade soft leather skirt with snake skin hemming!
IMG_2721x Vintage display at Red Cross Australia in NewtownIMG_2725x IMG_2727x IMG_2732x IMG_2738x IMG_2745x IMG_2755x IMG_2767xI followed this lady for a while. Really like her colour combination of the flower, scarf and dark blue dress.

in between rain drops

IMG_2654xSo elegant and chic as she walked around in sportsgirl. Beautiful.
IMG_2658x IMG_2663xShe looks much more beautiful than in the picture. She was very patient when I couldn’t get the focus right. Love her vintage style.
IMG_2665x I saw her walking by and summoned my courage to catch her. success 🙂 IMG_2668xHe is just too cool. Asking strangers to be photographed is harder than jumping off a cliff.

succulent and fashion

IMG_1690x IMG_1691x IMG_1697x IMG_1698x IMG_1702x IMG_1708x IMG_1710xIMG_1716x IMG_1719x IMG_1726xIMG_1713x IMG_1727x IMG_1730x IMG_1737x IMG_1748x IMG_1751x

winter is here to stay

IMG_2602xI literally ran towards this lady and took this blurry picture. So much love and care in the winter rain.

couples in the rain

IMG_2610xxI saw this couple kissing under the umbrella when I walked passed them. I couldn’t help but utter “awwwww”. After walking a few steps away from them I was cheeky enough to turn around and snapped this as the girl was smiling at my direction but shyly looking away. When I got back to the car and drove passed them they were still snuggling in the rain. There’s just more romance when it’s rainy in Sydney. 🙂IMG_2609xIMG_2608xNot much going on at a rainy glebe fair, might as well take shelter and laugh together.IMG_2353x IMG_2369xThe black and white photos were taken in New York a few years back. The rain just brings out the romance everywhere.

lifeline vintage shop epping

IMG_2490x IMG_2501xIMG_2481x IMG_2497x IMG_2500x IMG_2505xIMG_2529x IMG_2532x IMG_2534xLifeline epping is a vintage heaven. The beautiful lady behind the counter smiles at her customers smitten by vintage pieces. My wardrobe has exploded a few times but I always end up finding new favourite pieces here.Thanks for letting me taking these snaps.

uni days

IMG_1379x IMG_1409x

recent at Gaffa

IMG_2116xLast Thursday at Gaffa. Check out this photographer’s work.
IMG_2121xx IMG_2135xx