a few more from brooklyn

This gentleman was one of the stall holders at the Brooklyn Flea. When I asked him for a picture he insisted that we leave the crowd and come to this wall to void bad photos. The stall staff was trying to get us to leave but he insisted that I got the pictures. Thank you and all the best with you and your friend at the stall!
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gentleman in new york

I tried taking a photo of him without asking as he was walking fast and I didn’t want to lose him. When he saw me taking a photo he thought he was in my way and apologised. I told him how awesome I thought he looked and asked him if he was going to a party. He told me he was on his way to his friend’s bar. He then bowed to me and wished me a good night. A true gentleman! IMG_0669x

blogger of fashioncam at nyfw

Meet Camilla Johannesen the blogger of fashioncam. Here is a link of my photos on her page 🙂IMG_0651x IMG_0655x

slow update from nyfw

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Lesly and his vintage shop in brooklyn

While I was in Brooklyn I met the most interesting man in America. Meet Lesly and check out his vintage shop.
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