shop of reborn babies

These babies are so realistic! They are in a pretty shop at campbells store morpeth. check out the artist behind these life sized vinyl baby dollsIMG_9301x IMG_9302x IMG_9304x IMG_9305x IMG_9307x IMG_9309x IMG_9310x IMG_9312x IMG_9314x IMG_9316x IMG_9317x IMG_9328x

a few more from brooklyn

This gentleman was one of the stall holders at the Brooklyn Flea. When I asked him for a picture he insisted that we leave the crowd and come to this wall to void bad photos. The stall staff was trying to get us to leave but he insisted that I got the pictures. Thank you and all the best with you and your friend at the stall!
IMG_0425x IMG_0430x IMG_0431x IMG_0447x

blackcat vintage emporium san jose

I walked into blackcat vintage emporium following google’s recommendation. This is a vintage hive with a few rooms all of different themes. Every corner of this place is so pleasant and pretty. The owner was so kind to show me around. He told me this building used to be a brothel in the 1900s and this just adds more history to the place. such an awesome and random find!
IMG_7479x IMG_7485x IMG_7501x IMG_7508x IMG_7512x IMG_7517x IMG_7519x IMG_7521x IMG_7526x IMG_7529x IMG_7531x IMG_7535x IMG_7537x IMG_7539x IMG_7540x IMG_7543x IMG_7545x IMG_7549x IMG_7511x IMG_7520x IMG_7553x IMG_7557x

all our exes live in texas

Saw this lovely trio at newtown festival. What a cute name for a band.IMG_0380x IMG_0422x IMG_0384x IMG_0426x IMG_0440x IMG_0424x IMG_0442x IMG_0447x