Jerry from Alpha60

IMG_3785x IMG_3787x IMG_3793x IMG_3799x IMG_3801xMy apologies for uploading these after such a long while. Jerry is wearing a versatile jacket from Alpha60, a very much loved Australian designer brand.

alpha60 dress!

IMG_4532x IMG_4536x

lisa with bill cunningham!

photoLisa is a stylish lady from Alpha60. When I asked her if she gets a lot of people wanting to photograph her style she told me she was photographed by Bill Cunningham in New York last year! Thanks for the photo 🙂 Bill Cunningham has been documenting street fashion in New York EVERY DAY for the past 50 years. He is the original photographer way before other street photographers such as thesartorialist. They are both my role models to persist in street photography each day. Check out the documentary about Bill and his special column in New York Times.
IMG_3280x IMG_3284xIMG_3288x IMG_3292x IMG_3294x Love the combination of the two colours. Love this coat and how the collars naturally and stylishly hang about. I was just in awe seeing Lisa moving about in the store.IMG_1052xThis is my first encounter with Alpha60 in Melbourne in 2006. I guess the creator must have loved Jean Luc Godard and his film Alphaville.