rozelle market early winter

IMG_0487x IMG_0500xThis lovely lady came to my stall. Such fine style with the simple dress.
IMG_0508x Rita’s new loot. I think it has a Paul Frank touch to it.IMG_0520xPhoto by Rita. Me being hip as usual :p
IMG_0531xSweet moment of girlfriends.
IMG_0489x We ALL bought treasures from this lady! You can see Rita’s bag in the distance 😀IMG_0491x IMG_0495xIMG_0539x IMG_0544x IMG_0550x IMG_0553xIMG_0560x IMG_0584xRita helped me to finally speak to the lady and asked her if she could pose for me. She has this serenity to her that reminds me of a character in Hou Hsiao Hsien films.

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